Adam Bridgman

Currently Serving His Vicarage at Lutheran Church of Resurrection at St. Louis, Mo.:


My name is Adam Bridgman and my wife, Julie, and I both grew up in Springfield,IL.  I graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin in 1997 with degree in pre-seminary studies.  I attended the seminary here in St. Louis for one year after that realizing that I was not mature enough to enter the ministry at that time. I worked in a juvenile detention center for a number of years, as well as HIPAA compliance with Medicare and Medicaid insurance claims.  I am an only child from a pretty small family who came mostly from Decatur, IL.  My wife has a brother and a HUGE family(quite a change for me) We were married on May 16, 2015 and moved down to St. Louis after years of contemplating re entering the ministry.  We prayerfully considered where The Lord wanted us, and so we are thrilled to be here again!  I hope to get to know this congregation, and learn from them all you are willing to share with me in the Lord's service.  We are members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Springfield, IL. Rev. Paul Hemenway is our Pastor there, and was a great guide in helping me to come back and study the ministry again.

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