Addressing your concerns

We will always be a light to our neighbors and our nation. The need for that light is never more necessary than at times of national distress. As the people of God gathered together in Pevely, we will continue to do so, but with a sober mind and realistic understanding of the challenges we face due to the current health crisis.

Responses from the LCMS 

A Message from LCMS President Harrison Amid the #Coronavirus Pandemic


A Letter from Rev. Dr. Lee Hagen, President Missouri District

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Rev LCMS President Matthew Harrison's Blog

Click Here for the Blog -Updated 03/16/2020

Flyer for reminders from the LCMS

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What would Marin Luther think of COVID- 19?

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CDC/Local Updates/Resources

Video Series from the CDC


Local Information and Resources

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Live in Saint Louis County? Click Here for current information!

If you don't live in one of those counties and you feel like you might have the flu or the virus,  please contact your local doctor before seeking medical care. 

Overwhelmed by social media or news coverage?

Click Here to learn directly from the CDC on.....

  •  Knowing How it Spreads
  •  Take steps to protect yourself
  •  Take steps to protect others