Daily Devotions for your family or just you!


Why do devotions?

Your relationship with God: Taking time for the people in our lives is how we make our relationships grow stronger. Your relationship with God is no different. 

Strengthens your child's faith: Children who talk about faith at home, attach great importance to their beliefs and were active in their congregations were themselves religiously active as young adults. 

Gospel of Matthew

Pastor Bryan Roberts leads video devotions covering the first five chapters in the Gospel of Matthew.  

Pastor covers various topics from the lineage of Jesus, the Temptations of Jesus, His promises, and the Beatitudes.  

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Hope Forgiveness Love 

Pastor Bryan Roberts leads video Devotions. Click here for the devotion page



Treasure in Jars of Clay

Click Here for the Treasures in Jars of Clay Devotion Page

Message from the Authors Steve and Sue Givens: 

Treasure in Jars of Clay is a family walk with Jesus through the holy season of Lent. At the center of this journey is a large jar (or you could use a bowl) around which your family can gather each day for prayerful reflection. For each time of prayer, you will be invited to “Be Still” and enjoy a time of silence guided by this question: What is Jesus saying to you today?

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Family Devotion Video Series Information:

Devotion Leader: Rev Bryan Roberts

Guest Leaders: Rev Harold Luckritz,  Volunteer James Coerver, Jr. 

Originally recorded during Lent in 2020 via Facebook.  

Special thanks to the Board of Elders, the Pooker Family, and the volunteers for bringing Christ to our Communities!